The Mother of Shawn R. McMillan, Michaela E. Mahoney, hereby offers a  $25,000 Reward  for new information leading to the arrest and FELONY conviction of the person(s) responsible for the shooting death of Tarpon Springs resident, Shawn R. McMillan on September 02, 2001. The crimes and conviction for which the reward is offered are as follows: Felony Manslaughter or Murder or Culpable Negligence Manslaughter committed by the person or persons responsible for the death of Shawn R. McMillan.


The reward shall be payable only upon conviction of the person or persons responsible for the crime(s) as described above.


Claims must be in writing and the provider must be willing to submit to deposition(s), to provide the information to law enforcement, the state attorney and other investigators necessary for trial and to testify in court regarding said information. Grounds for rejecting claims:


1.          Information furnished by informant was of no value;

2.                  Payment would be contrary to state laws;

3.                  The family already knew the information or it was available in accessible public records;

4.                  The information was determined by the efforts of federal investigators, state investigators or any grand jury appointed for purposes of this or other investigation(s) involving the Tarpon Springs Police Department.


* Local police and/or county deputies may claim the reward for coming forward on their own with previously unknown or concealed information, (not including investigations described in # 4 above), leading to any of the felony convictions described above.


If more than one (1) person provides information leading to said conviction(s), the $25,000 reward hereby offered, shall be divided between those providing such information in a proportion which a panel of three (3) members of the Florida Bar Association in good standing (chosen by the Mother of Shawn McMillan), deem just, based on the contribution of each person providing the information, resulting in the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator(s).


Information may be submitted to this website at mahoney@copsliesandcoverups.com  or you may write or call:


Michaela E. Mahoney

P.O. Box 1012

Palm Harbor, Florida 34682

Cell: (727) 804 - 8000